Origami Yoda 2

The Most Stooky Website EVER!!

boba fett instrux

some boba fett instrux for you to try!

you might need to click it for a better look


attention all super folders!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

become a bounty hunter, heres how!

Calling all SuperFolders!!! Time to become Bounty Hunters!!
Christmas shopping season means only one thing to a SuperFolder… a chance to find the most elusive, most legendary, mot epic, most stooky giftwrap known to man: the green/brown.

Solid green on the outside, brown (not white) on the other side! Find a single roll of this and you can make hundreds of Yodas with a brown robe and a green head.

But it’s not so easy to find

i’m holding a contest to see who can find brown/green first and fold a yoda… with the help of a bounty hunter!

boba fett instrux cuming soon!

no one is sending stuff

hey super folders…

if your reading this then could you pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeezzzzzzzzz send me stuff! i’ll post it!

the first one to show you

this is the first origami to show you is an original…

yoda… so here he is!

welcome to a new website!

welcome to my new website!, and yes it looks like toms site but its cool